PS Audio Sprout100 No sound Troubleshooting

I am writing this post for a friend who purchased a Sprout 100 and lives in Hawaii, she’s tried a bunch of different things to get it to work and she has had no luck. Living in HI and the COVID has made this a long and frustrating process to try and get this system up and running as cables take a while to get there.

The system:
Amp: PS Audio Sprout 100 (selected on Bluetooth as source)
Speakers: ELAC-UB5 Speakers
Wires: Sewell Deadbolt Banana plug cables
Music Source: Galaxy S9+ via Bluetooth (shows connected on phone)

Setup: Straight out of box for all items has not been connected to a computer. A cable is on order to go from USB B to USB C to try and check firmware via her Galaxy S9+.

I have had her try to have music playing and press unmute button on the remote to verify that is NOT the issue. No change (dead quiet, no speaker hum)

She bought this with the intent to play music using bluetooth. She has attempted to play music via iPad (old model) and Galaxy S9+. All have shown as “connected” to the Sprout but is unable to get ANY sound output. She has heard no sound or buzzing from speakers at all either.

Pictures of the setup:

She called PS Audio multiple times and left messages with the person who answered the phone to have a support person call her back to provide support. So far no one has called her back.

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From the Sprout Manual, LED status indicator: Dim White / Blue: Sprout100 is on and muted.

This may seem obvious, but make sure that there are good batteries in the Remote. Does the LED status light get brighter then dimmer when the Mute button is pressed multiple times. If so, then press Mute/Unmute so that the status LED is brighter, then turn up the volume.

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It’s a good sign that the phone is saying it’s connected. Looks like everything is connected correctly. If she has a pair of headphone around, she could try those and see if it something to do with the amp stage.

When running BT, she will be able to control the volume with the phone and volume knob. Make sure she turns both up.

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There was a change in lighting on the LED when she pressed the unmute button but due to the brightness of the room she had a hard time telling which setting was which due to the faintness of the blue.

That’s what I suggested as well, unfortunately the headphones she has are BT and not wired. PS Audio was nice enough to include the 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter. I told her to have music playing, volume up on phone and Sprout100 then toggle unmute button.

Does she have any printer cables, RCA to 3.5mm, or optical cables that she could try?

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It’s in route now, again being in HI and getting cables have complicated this process a little. Back in California she would have wired headphones and USB B cable.

Makes total sense. When she gets the cable, keep us posted. Not that it’s impossible, but the amp stage in the Sprout100 doesn’t really fail. So it’s important to try as much as possible here.

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There is A LOT of travel in the Sprout volume control. As in turn it many many many times until you expect it should be loud and then turn it many more. Just a thought.


Since I haven’t used one this is the type of info I was kinda hoping might help. Does the volume knob have a stop when on full volume or does it just stop raising volume and keep physically spinning?

I’ll suggest she really cranks it to the right and volume up on phone too. We do the toggle of mute button.

I also made sure she didn’t have the 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter inserted as per the manual that will automatically bypass the speaker out circuit.

Can anyone provide some clarity on the LED color and brightness as well? Maybe even post pics of what their’s looks like at various settings for us to help validate settings?

It has no physical stops, no. Just start playing something and keep turning it.

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I wanted to give the forum an update, there were unfortunately 3 variables that were all contributing issues:

  1. The volume control was likely not moved enough as she didn’t know the extent of the travel and didn’t want to blow out the speaker.
  2. The unit did still have the mute active (which we toggled on/off previously)
  3. The brand new Sewell Banana Plug Speaker wire cables we believe are also bad. moving the cords seemed to impact sound output. Swapping cords between speakers seemed to indicate those were the issue.

Once she gets everything working properly I will try and update the thread again. Thanks for your help on confirming my recommended process and the details regarding the volume control having lots of travel.