PS Audio Stack For Sale

Selling my PS Audio BHK / DS stack including DS DAC, DMP, BHK Preamp, BHK 300 power amps and P20 DS regenerator in black. Asking $24,995 or best offer. Speakers NOT included.


Gear is packed up and ready for pick up or delivery between NYC and Boston.

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Good deal for some-one(s). What gear are you replacing them with.?

kicking around some ideas but downsizing for sure.

How old? Any service issues since you’ve had it all? Any willingness to make a package without the dsd and dmp?

Hello Narbooty, yes I could split the system. Have not had issues with these components. Purchased the 300s new in March of '18, the preamp new in April '18 and the P20 new in June '18.

Which city & state are you located?

I am potentially interested in the DMP if you end up splitting up the kit. I would appreciate it if you would PM me if you decide to head in that direction.

Regardless, GLWS.

Perhaps you should post a thread for you DMP…

I’m in North Brunswick, NJ

How does that differ from a reply?

This is a threat for my gear. I would encourage you to create a thread for your gear so people don’t get confused.

Got it. Thanks

Narbooty, graduated from Rugters NB. My PSA equipment is in RI but I am going back and forth to Stamford , CT until I sell my house

Can do $16k for the BHK preamp, 300s & P20 via PayPal. Will meet you in NJ with equipment if that works.

nortonkp where are you in CT? I am in northern RI. I could be interested in the preamp.

Scotte, I can sell you my DMP player if you want it.

Jonyp, I have my BHK preamp in North Kingstown, RI if interested.

If interested, willing to sell the DS DAC & DMP, BHK preamp & 300s and/or the P20. Can deliver in the Northeast.

DS Sr DAC & DMP sold, sold, sold.

BHK preamp, 300s & P20 left.