PS audio stacking

I have a new audio-rack, and therefore maybe a stupid question: would it be possible the Power Plant 5 put up on the top of the Direct Stream directly? Both devices radiate some heat… Is it safe?

Thanks Denis

Shouldn’t be a problem. The P5 would appreciate being on top because it vents more heat, but DirectStream should be just fine.

HI i have a similar question. Would it be ok to stack a tube hybrid headphone amp on top of a directstream jr? if so should i leave the plastic covering on the dac? i have not removed the plastic since purchasing. The gentleman i talked to in ps sales said it was fine but wondering if you had any further insight being the owner?
thanks for your time!


I would not leave that plastic covering on. The DSJ does generate a good amount of heat. I think it’s likely fine to mount the tube amp on top of DSJ if it still has enough ventilation. Again, DSJ gets rather warm so you want to make sure it can get air circulation.

thank you paul! one follow up question. would it create noise to stack the headphone amp on top of the dac and can the dac handle the weight? the headphone amp is 17 pounds?

I don’t think 15 pounds is too much. I’ve stacked the BHK preamp on top of a DSJ without a problem and it weighs more I am pretty sure. Should be no problem with noise.