PS DirectStream DAC Junior won't go standby

My PS DirectStream DAC Junior won’t go to standby, either by pressing the OFF button on the remote, nor by pressing the Logo button on the machine, the Logo button stays on. Please advise. Thanks.

The Jr comes on when the input has a changing signal. Also if the input is set to “Auto” it will select the last input which is changing. To see if these are causing your symptoms changing your input select to some input that’s not connected and see if standby works then.

Unfortunately not. I had to reboot the unit to make the standby work again. It happened a couple of times already, the only thing worked to solve the stuck ON was to reboot the system.

Are you running Torreys?


Also happens to me on occasion.

Ted, Dennis -is this also valid for say the USB input, even when the computer (a MacBook Pro) is switched off and no power whatsoever in the connection?

Will try with other inputs anyhow, as you guys suggested.

It’s funny sometimes -I leave everything on standby, turn the computer off, switch off the server too and go to bed. Next morning when I’m back in the audio room the DS Junior is on, all in its blue glow. Head scratching kinda stuff.

I noticed that when this happens you can see the blue “asterisk” too, therefore it is receiving a signal so I’ll try what you recommended.