PS NuWave Phono Stage and Tape Out

Hi All,

I just got myself a pair of Sutherland Duos to replace my NuWave Phono, however I love the quality of the recordings of the NuWave. I am trying to figure out where, in my system, I should place the recorder? Should I place it in-between the Sutherlands and my preamp, or because my Primaluna preamp has a tape out, should I place it there? If I use the tape out, would the sonic character of the tubes influence the recording?



I’m no expert on your preamp, but using the tape out should be fine with the NPC. Just make sure you choose “analog” and that the line into the NPC doesn’t clip. You might want to try running directly from your Sutherlands to the NPC as opposed to the Primaluna to see if you want that tube sound in your rips or not. If you are playing the rips back through the preamp, you might not want to do that and get too much of a good thing, so to speak. In other words, you would get the preamp sound both in the recording and the playback. On the other hand, if you are playing them elsewhere (car, other stereo), you might want to preserve that tube sound and run the output from the Primaluna.


Thanks so much for the advice. Perfect advice. I didn’t even think about the record clipping, which I subsequently got today while recording Barracuda off of Heart’s Little Queen.