PS Powerplant 10 shutdown out of the blue

Hi, my just arrived ps 10 is shutting down. Normal volume playing. all the outputs are in use with appr 37% load. Display is turning white afterwards.

Sometimes it shut down one of the two monoblocks, sometime the left one sometime the right one.

Can someone provide me with a solution?

Best regards,


First, please let us know where you’re located. Some Australian units have had heartburn with their incoming power, so let us know if that’s involved at all. Display turning white may indicate a firmware issue, and that I’ll need to leave with the PS experts.

The Netherlands, Haarlem, next tot Tata Steel, so I need the PS 10 for a constant power.

Sorry this is happening. Couple of questions. When the P10 shuts down, does it boot back up?

You mention it shows a white screen - so it shuts off, the screen goes white, and then you have to reset the power to make it work again?