PSA $600 Speakers?


In his ask Paul question on Oct. 5 concerning DAC’s, Paul mentioned that they are working on $600 speakers that would match up well with the Sprout. Does anybody know anything more about these speakers?


Still in the works. Here’s a rough picture of the cabinet and empty drivers. Ignore the cabinet behind Sprout Speaker.


Paul, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I discovered your ask Paul and Paul’s daily posts about a year ago, and I really enjoy them! I love the way that you and PS Audio work, and I wish that more companies were as open as yours. Most PSA gear is above my price range now, but I wanted to support you and I did get two of your power cables. I am very interested in this new speaker. Please keep us up to date! Do you have an estimate for when it might be available? Thanks. Matt


Thanks, Matt. Not at this moment. The second round of prototypes are on their way to us now and we have a lot of work to do designing the crossover. Hopefully we can see a finished version this year and production next year.


Thanks, Paul. I will eagerly await news! I live in North Carolina and don’t get out to the west often, but I sure would love to visit PSA and listen to your IRS speakers!


You’d be most welcome.