PSA Cables For Sale [Sold]

I am selling the PSA cables I no longer use.
I am loathe to sell them but if somebody from this forum can make use of them, i’d be ok with that.
These were all bought direct from PSA between 2007 and 2009.
I do not have the boxes.
Condition of cables is very good to excellent, no damage to the braided jackets.

Prices inclusive of paypal fees.
Prices are fixed.
Shipping to contiguous states wil be $20 for Power and Speaker cables. $10 for Interconnects.

1 x 2M Premier SC Power Cable $225
1 x 2M Statement SC Power Cable $150
2x 1.5M Statement SC Power Cable $125 each
2x 1M Xstream Transcendent RCA Interconnect Cables $150 each
1x 1M Xstream Transcendent XLR Interconnect Cable $175

1x 3M pair Xstream Resolution Reference Speaker Cable (Spade connection only) $300 (SOLD)


Welcome to the forum. Let me guess, upgrading to something else, right?

But how is it you’ve been a PS Audio customer since 2007 (at least) and this is your first Community post?

Hi Brodric,

Thanks, I understand that i’m not an active part of the community but i have been a PSA audio customer for many years (starting with a Trio pre) and have frequently visited the forums. As to upgrading, well yes and no. I was running multiple amps with active speakers hence the number of cables. Been running single amp with passive for a year or so. I recently upgraded to BHK Pre from my long time serving GCP200 (Cullen stage 3 mod) which I will need to sell. I also recently sold my NPC and upgraded to a Whest PS.30RDT SE which is a real shame with the introduction of the stellar phono but a few months ago it didn’t look like it was going to drop so soon. Current system is still using PSA cabling. These are now surplus as I only need one run of speaker cable, not using muliple amps, fully balanced etc.

Speaker cables have been sold.

I should have stated this before.
I have 100% feedback on Audiogon and Ebay

Agon id is Giggsy
Ebay id is Giggsy8

Did the The Trancendent XLR cable sell? Is it the “silver”, is the jacket black with red stripes?

Yes, all cables have been sold.
They were the silver XLR’s as you described,