PWD 2 output jack came off inside rca connector on cable

I recently hooked up a second hand pwd 2 dac that appears to be in good condition? I went to unplug the rca out puts on the back feeding the preamp so I can run it directly to the amp and the right channel back portion of the rca input became disconnected from the jack. I believe this is the ground part of the jack and the center portion where the rca pin inserts is bare with the white dilectric tube covering it? I pushed the back half back onto the jack but it still separates everytime the cable is removed. It’s working as far as I can tell but kind of bothersome to be worried about it possibly not making a strong ground connection? Is there a way to replace part of the jack myself with out de-soldering the old connector and soldering on a new one since I believe they’re mounted to the pcb? Thanks

Hi JMelhado,

Please reach out to us directly at and we’ll be happy to work with you to solve the issue with your RCA jacks.


  • Jeremy