PWD / Bridge - Noise Bursts At The End of Audio Tracks


Hi there, I’m experiencing noise bursts at the end of audio tracks. It happens randomly, not always but more often than not (80% or more).

It happens both with a PWT (I don’t have it anymore) and a nettop (via Bridge and Twonky) as source. The DAC is the PWD MK2. Today I updated the PWD to 2.2.0 and the Bridge to 2.14b but the problem was not solved. Any idea what’S happening ?


I don’t recall anyone having such a problem with the PWT. Did you experience this with Redbook CD or DVDs with wav files which you recorded, or both?

I have some memory of others have issues with the bridge on occasion, but do not remember the details.

What kind of sound? Is it like white noise or pink noise, clicking, related to the track in any fashion?


Does it happen when you hear a click from the PWD resolution relay?

Sometimes when it switches to hirez you might hear a swoshing sound from the unit in your speakers.

This has been reported from several members.


Is this possibly happening with wav files, or normal audio CDs? If it is wav files, do they have metadata embedded? I think that some people have had this kind of issue with wav files with metadata embedded as there is no standard for attaching meta to wav files and the player attempts to play the metadata block at the end of the file.



Thank you guys for your answers.

- PWT: I don’t remember if it happened with redbook CDs. I only remember clearly that it happened with a DVD with wavs

- the noise burst is more like white noise than pink, the burst is maybe 300-400 ms long or so

- it’s not related to a resolution switch I think

I will investigate the idea with the metadata now.


I suspect it is a tagged WAV as well. Very good thinking J.P.


Tagged wavs did indeed cause the problem. It seems like I have to delete everything. I tried just deleting text blocks or covers but it was not enough.

Could I avoid deleting tags by using another software than twonky?


You might try MP3tag but I don’t remember if it tags wav files or not. It is what I use to maintain tags on my flac and mp3 files.



Are you using dBPoweramp to rip? Others have had issues with this program.