PWD Bridge - Static display of track information


I found that the display of track/artist is status. That means if the track name is bigger than what can be accommodated in the display then the track name just gets truncated. In other streamer in this case typically the track name keeps flowing from right to left till the entire track gets displayed.

Is this a current limitation of budge or I’m missing some setting ?





Khem chuu Bhai?

Just guessing? :wink:

Yes, mine too.

I guess the answer is yes, it is static. I do like the idea of the flowing display. Maybe PSA can consider this for future updates?


I found this feature very helpful. I sincerely suggest the same as enhancement as most of the other streamers ( sonos, pioneer elite n30, naim, lumin) provides the same.

I am not Gujju but Bengali ( the name of a bengali connected to music comes top of my head is Ravi Shankar who was very popular in western world) from India. How do u know Gujju bhais ?





A bit of business and some time spent with some Jain friends in Ahmedabad and Surat.

আমার স্ত্রী তিব্বতী এবং তিনি দার্জিলিং কাছাকাছি জন্মগ্রহণ করেন.



মজার …



grappig en leuk.

Ik heb veel tijd doorgebracht in India en reisde het hele land.

Ik heb genoten van de eerste keer toen ik uit het vliegtuig.

Als u er niet zijn geweest moet je het eens proberen.


ہاں، گوگل قوانین ترجمہ

Что и неплохо :wink:


Vizuri ni kuhakikisha inafanya kuwa rahisi. :wink:


The lingvorace continues :smiley:

BTW, Urdu and Bengali look more interesting than latin or cyrillic :wink:

In order to not to derail the thread even more, I’ll post a video in the mathematics thread.


It is fully derailed - post anything you would like. :smiley:



Unless the Original Poster has more questions?

But Sourav brought up a good feature that perhaps PSA can keep on their “Future List”.