PWD bridge with popcorn C-300

could anyone advise me on how to connect PWD Bridge to popcorn C-300 via Ethernet cable?

  1. Get a cross over cable and connects both gears, set same subnet?

  2. Get a router and connect both? How to set IP to make it works?

Appreciated your help!

Manage to get a ‘cross over’ Ethernet cable. Connect cable from Network card of PWD to Popcorn C300, PWD screen showed “connected” but no sound from PWD to amplifier. Trying to treat C-300 as Mac Mini and did same configure as below article shared from Audiophile, after tried few hours still not worked. I am done with it :(


Now, go to your Mac Mini (in ‘System Preferences’ under ‘Network’) and manually assign it an IP address (different from the DAC’s) but use the same Subnet Address as the DAC’s. For example, if the DAC’s IP Address is, and its Subnet Address is, then manually assign the Mac Mini an IP Address such as and the same Subnet Address (Mask)