PWD II and firmware problem

Hello everyone,

I have been in trouble since I bought my DAC PWD MKII with the used bridge 1 from a serious German seller on E bay.
I spend more time trying to make it work properly than listening to it.

I come to ask myself the question: version 3.03 download on the site is it really stable ?? I used several SD card format correctly (FAT or FAT32) without any convincing results. It turns in a vacuum with the blinking front logo.

I fight with the update and I encounter a lot of problem: frozen screen, remote control that does not respond.
I managed to make it work more or less properly with older firmware (2.4.6 and 2.4.5) but this is never stable, it still does not hang (impossible to change source either via screen or remote control).

I live in France and the technical station does not seem to me to have the good will to fix it. I had to send them three emails before he deigned to answer me. I would prefer to avoid going through them.

I appeal to this community to try to find a viable solution.
Thank you

Sorry you’re having a problem. Can you send an email request to and they will help you.

thank you,

i wiil do it