PWD latest firmware 2.9.3 needed, SD card shipped with Bridge II not working

Hi all,

Upgrading to Bridge 2. Or trying to at least.

Supplied SD card with FW 2.9.1 has no effect on the PWD MKII. It won’t upgrade the FW, no matter what previous FW is put on it.

Bridge II not detected by DAC, but is seen by the network.

Can someone please send me the FW?

PS Team, like the sound of the products but honestly bridge I and now bridge II are a PIA to install. Getting the DAC to detect bridge 1 is more of a random event than anything. Tempted to send Bridge 2 back to be honest.



Let me get you some help. This should not be that hard. Can you email us at

What is the version of the bootloader on your MKII? You can find it by touching the screen while it is initializing. If it is not 1.13 it will only work with SD-cards 2gig or less. I think we are sending out larger SD-cards, which will not work with earlier bootloaders. If this is the case you will need to find a 2gig SD-card for the installation.