PWD Mk II and Digital Link III for sale [sold]


Hey folks, I’ve got a couple of DAC’s listed on Audiogon (same user name) and thought I would share them with the forum just in case anyone was looking for one of these but doesn’t check Audiogon. The first is a PWD Mk II in black. It was a MK I that I upgraded to Mk II status. Has worked flawlessly for about two years. A little over a year left on the warranty. Comes with all original packing/box, remote, manual, and stock power cord. Does not include the Bridge. I bought a new DS so this needs to go, asking $1350 or best offer.

The other DAC is a Digital Link III which was the precursor to the PWD. A nice unit in good shape, but it does have some scratches on the top cover from the previous owner. This has been sitting around unused since I got the PWD so it’s time to move it on out. Asking $390 or best offer.

I didn’t provide links since I wasn’t sure that was entirely appropriate. I can post pictures if necessary. I have limited both sales to the USA, but might stretch that for a forum member. Thanks for looking!


Both items sold!