PWD MKll Update 3.0.4 time?

I’ve put in the (direct from PS Audio) SD card with 3.0.4 PerfectWave Dac mkll software and the update has been running for 30+ minutes. The PS Audio logo continues to blink. How long should this take? The youtube video says 2 - 10 minutes… What are next steps if it doesn’t work?

I’d switch off and power down. Unplug the unit. Remove the SD card. Re-insert the SD card (contacts facing upwards I think for the PWD - check). Then plug back in, power up from switch and hopefully it works that time. If not, contact support.

Thanks. Tried that. It’s still running but the logo light is blinking faster and more steady. Fingers crossed

Let it run for a while…same result. Turned it off, removed SD Card, Turned on, Initialized and came on. Shows 3.0.4 and plays music. Guess that’s it! success

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Good news

Very good!

Once in a while a unit gets stuck updating. It can be frustrating.