PWD update 3.03 availible

Sorry about Dennis emails not getting answered as he’s no longer with the company. You can email me or service for such requests. We would be happy to help. service @

Jeremy B said

Hello Petereke,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this. That your Bridge I is no longer available as an input is not a good sign. We recommend reaching out to us at and providing your serial number and shipping address. We’ll help get your system back up and running again.


  • Jeremy

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your reply. Finally the issue is solved :slight_smile: apparently I had some issues with ethernet connection which was not stable, when solved the update to 3.0.3 worked perfectly!



Excellent news!

I have Bridge version 0.2.13

DAC version 2.46

Friendly name DAC010EE1

I have Bridge 1 or 2, can I install version 3.03

Hello Paul

i’ve got the same problem and can not update to 3.03. The PS Audio Logo is blinking for hours and hours. I now switched back to 2.9.7 but of course i want to use the actual version of my DAC :frowning:

Hope you can help me.

Best regards


Hi Dominik,

Sorry you’re having trouble updating to 3.03.

We occasionally hear this problem, and it’s because the SD card has corrupted.

Reach out to and we’d be happy to get you a free SD card with 3.03 that we know works here in the factory.


Hello jamesh and thanks for you help.

I’ve tried different SD cards but no one will work :frowning: Maybe they are to big? (32 GB and more). Your offer for a new SD card with 3.03 on it would be really great but i life in Europe and the shipping costs would be very high :frowning: