PWD / USB Brief Lost Transfer


Everything was working fine but this weekend it seems the gremlins came out. My USB 2.0 started acting up. It started dropping the signal periodically and then it disappeared and I had to reinstall it. Most of the drops are gone but once in awhile it still drops the sound. I can not identify the cause. Does anyone have any thoughts.?


Have you made any changes, of any kind whatsoever, to your computer?

For example, the installation of an unrelated program or piece of hardware or even updating existing software can exhibit unintended consequences.


Not that I did but there may have been automatic Windows 7 updates or Java updates.


Many things can cause audio to drop out. The first thing that I usually do is do a fresh boot (I’ll bet you did that). Open Task Manager and look for open programs that you are not using that may busy the CPU and turn them off. If you use a USB hard drive and stream USB to the DAC at the same time then there are notorious issues with playback. If you have other USB peripherals, you might disconnect them during playback as well (DVD, mouse etc…).

This is a great way to streamline your system:

Last, but not least, try Fidelizer in Audiophile mode. It is safe and a reboot puts your system back to “Pre-Fidelized” condition. Be sure to run it last thing, after your music player/server is finished loading.

There are more ways to streamline Windows and the BIOS but they are not for the faint of heart!

(this is where alekz will say,“Why not just use Linux?” :smiley:

Good luck!



Excellent suggestions!


Thanks. I have been letting it play all afternoon and just came back and sat down to listen and so far no drops. I have my fingers crossed. The other thing I have had recent troubles was with internet access on the server. This also seems to have cleared up so maybe this two were related.


Gremlins. Darn little furry things.