Hello to all!

I’m having some issues with PWD MkII, purchased new from dealer.

My PWD is without the Bridge, for now I just use the coaxial input only, with Meridian CD 200 Transport.

  • preamp and power amp Audio Research, Speakers Monitor Audio Studio 20, cables XLO, Cello and Transparent Audio - .

When I switch “sample rate” or “filter” or “phase” I see the switching on touchscreen display but sound is always the same, does not change! (The Volume and Balance work well).

Any setting I do, don’t listen differences in the sound.

For example during switching between Native and NativeX, I see the switching on display, and hear the “click click” of relay, but then again I hear no change in the sound!

Originally the firmware was 2.4.3. Thinking to solve I successfully loaded 2.4.6 , but unfortunately no result.

Has anyone else experienced this? Can you help me?




I find with my PerfectWave Mk.II that changes in what I can hear are very subtle when changing sample rate or filters. If done blind I doubt that I could identify what ghanged and might not hear some of the changes at all. Changing the phase is most noticeable in the image quality and has little if any effect on sound quality other than imagining. Some here might hear more, perhaps changes in transient response, but not me.

I played with this for a while and finally just left it at normal phase, NativeX and automatic filter just as it comes out of the box. Having said that reminds me that the changes between NativeX and not were the most clear to my ears and I much prefer the NativeX setting.


Oh… and I almost missed it - welcome to the forum and we look forward to your further interaction here.


It’s been a long time since I upgraded my PWD to a DS but my recollection is the same as J.P’.'s experience. NativeX made the biggest improvement (partly due to the additional Digital Lens that kicked in when using that mode) but even that could be subtle.

I thank you for your answers.

Best regard