PWD2 + bridge1: ogg files don't play via bridge


This is my first posting so don’t be too hard on me should this be posted in the wrong place. I tried the search option but didn’t find a solution to my problem. I own a PWD2 (V3.0.4)/Bridge1 (V0.2.15a) combo and am very happy with it. Just recently I discovered the bridge won’t play any .ogg files. I tried feeding several formats like 128k, 192k, constant bit rate, variable bit rate, even did try several software packages (ffmpeg, sox, etc.) The PWD/Bridge won’t play any of these. Mp3 and FLAC do work reliably though. Remarkably, when feeding the same files to the PWD2 via USB all .ogg files (regardless of bitrate and cbr/vbr) DO play flawlessly. Any suggestions as to what the problem might be and how to correct it? Thank you very much!

Edit: Oh, I should add that I am a user of HiFi Cast + DLNA. I also tried other software but that doesn’t make any difference.


I don’t remember but it seems to me the Bridge does not support OGG compressed files. When you say they play fine in USB it has to be because you’re using another program to decode them. The USB input has no ability to uncompress files so whatever program your computer is running when connected through USB is doing the decompression.

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many thanks for your reply! I didn’t know the decoding was happening externally when feeding via USB. Many thanks for the clarification. With regard to the bridge, however, I have read it was able to play “about any format of encoded music ever designed”.

"Bridge Ability
The Bridge will play just about any format of encoded music ever designed; lossless or lossy, high resolution or standard resolution. FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, MP3, OGG, APE the alphabet soup of formats is dizzying. The only thing the Bridge will not play is SACD because of digital rights problems with Sony who will not permit SACD to be copied onto a hard drive and stream the results."

So IMO either the information out there is just wrong or my bridge doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.


Welcome @a2kc, sorry you’re having this trouble. I’ve never tried streaming OGG files to a Bridge 1, so i don’t have any experience here. I’d reach out to our service team at If they don’t already have the answer, they’ll be able to test it in-house and get back to you.

Hmmmm. You’re right. Well, let me check.