PWT and playlist

Played a number of CDs last night in the PWT - first one it found the tracks but not the art - the next 4 it found the art and track list. Checked my playlist and none of the CDs were there. Previous to that there was an entry for every CD I played - art or no art and track list or no track list

Is there some issue with the playlist. Any suggestions would be appreciated

The playlist seems to have broken sometime Thursday morning. You’re not the only one having this problem. Hopefully it will get fixed before long.


I finally got a PWT a few months ago. I do have it hooked up, and my Playlist, usually shows up mainstream stuff, but not always the cover art. Other than checking the track list, on a few CDs that I don’t know well, and wanted to see the name of the song, which I could do by getting up, I really don’t find the Playlist of much use.

And the display with all the info, I can’t see from my listening seat. I would rather have bigger track numbers and the total length of the CD.

Finally I always turn off the display anyway, for better sound. Not sure it really makes a difference, but it might.

I asked this once before has anybody determined if having the ethernet unplugged improves the sound? I will eventually try it myself, but I know there are a lot of long term owners out there.

I’m a fan of both the PWT and the DMP for their sound quality, I could be content with a much simpler display. And why no ability to program tracks? My Lambda didn’t have it either. But every cheap CD player used to come with it.

Tyera is hard at work on the playlist firmware. Hope to have it fixed and improved sometime next week.

Will we get an update as to when it is fixed here - or where should I look to get the update


It’s been fixed (yesterday or the day before, I forget). Tyera gave an update in one of the other threads. Works for me now.

Yes working, Teyra posted in the DMP forum.

All I am getting today is “no connection” - activity at the switch but thats all I can tell