PWT issue ?

Hi all,

since March 2015 I’m the happy owner of a PerfectWave Memory Transport (serial number #PWT-C1-3A055118). I’m totally satisfied with its audio performances, nevertheless there is just one thing getting me really disappointed: the PWT simply refuses to play some CDs of my collection. Once the tray is closed, everything appears fine with the PWT display showing the right disc cover and track names, but after pressing the play button all I get is a “white noise wall” where the music can be barely recognized behind it.

Every time I discover another disc the PWT is unable to play, I update my CD “blacklist” to keep track of the matter. In my ten months long experience, the blacklist counts up to 7 CDs out of 180 checked, so this issue concerns more or less 4% of my CDs. Should this trend be confirmed, it would mean around 200 “blacklisted” CDs in total (yes, I have a huge collection).

I would like to recap here below all I know about this problem to make the picture as clear as I can.

  1. The defect is not random at all: whenever I try to play a blacklisted CD, I get always the same terrible sound. Nothing changes if I select randomly the track with the remote control. On the other hand, whenever I play a “whitelisted” CD, all is OK

  2. Blacklisted discs are various in age, they can be 25 years old or just few months old

  3. I’ve purchased new original items for a pair of blacklisted CDs. In both cases, the “new” CDs do not have any problem with the PWT, where of course the “old” CDs still do (so I have two copies of these two discs, one copy in the blacklist and the other copy in the whitelist)

  4. I got good results ripping some blacklisted CDs and burning new copies with my Apple Mac (XLD the used software): the PWT plays well discs made this way. Please note that the ripping process never reported any error after reading a blacklisted CD (XLD software produces very accurate logs)

  5. Despite previous point, I can assume that blacklisted CDs are somehow damaged, I know it might happen. So, I’ve tried them with several different devices: Apple Macintosh CD/DVD reader, Windows PC CD/DVD reader, Naim CD-X2 CD player, Pioneer PD9 CD player, Yamaha CD player … Well, none of these units had any failure with my blacklisted discs, all of them run smoothly from first track to the last one. As you can easily imagine, this fact gets me totally confused because PWT seems the only one device having problems with these CDs

  6. PWT came with the latest firmware version (1.22), so I never worked to upgrade it

Any support from your side will be highly appreciated (… and sorry for my bad english).

Thanks, Ric