Hi, please send me some previous reliable softvare to PWT. My PWT sometimes freezes and then I have to turn off and back on again to work. I want to install older software, then upgrade to the current version 1.22. Maybe it would be good if for others was officially available at: DOWNLOAD AREA FOR PWD AND PWT firmware. Thanks George


I have attached 1.20

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Thanks to Elk


Elk, upgrade took place and remained white screen I waited until stops blinking logo and another 20 minutes but nothing happened even Advised restart as instructed. I tried to restart the SD card and then another without. The same result - white box. I returned 1.22 upgrade and PWT jumped screen as it should be. Does not start, however, spontaneous reset according to the instructions that comes with PWD. Can you advise me how to do it? George


Start by deleting all of the existing files off of your SD card.

Unzip the firmware you want to install. Place a copy of these individual files on the SD card.

With the power of the PWT off, put the SD card into the back of the PWT with the shiny metal contacts facing up toward the ceiling.

Turn on the PWT. The logo should blink for a while as the firmware loads. The unit should then boot. This takes just a couple of minutes.


Elk, I formatted the SD card and copy the unzipped files and saved to SD card. Do PWT card went upside down yet again when you upgrade to 1.20 what you sent me went, but remained white display. The slightly after 1 minute sit down. I waited another 10 minutes nothing new happened. I tried to reboot without the SD card. And the same result. The gray box. I returned 1.22 upgrade and PWT is OK. The screen lights up the sea, and everything is as it should be. I then rebooted without PWT SD card and listen. Yesterday I met the improvement of sound during playback. Yes the sound is more dynamic, more accurate and immersive. If PWT stop do I freeze up over time. Still, I would prefer if I had one available version of FW for PWT with the possibility of a complete upgrade. What do you think? George


I do not know why your PWT freezes with 1.22 or why 1.20 does not load for you.

It sounds like it is time for you to contact PS Audio and see if they can help.

Good luck!


Thanks Elk, I thought that it took me some PS. You do not know how the problem to the manufacturer whether it blink?


I am sorry. I do not have any further ideas.

Please contact PS Audio: PS Audio Support