Qobuz in the USA


Ah. Just a little confusion on my part with usama. post until I read further up to seegs post. all clear now. Thanks


Yeah - they appear to have officially announced that it will be 2019, and perhaps will be more specific about the date at CES in early January.


My experience with Qobuz has been interesting. Yesterday I followed the protocol and signed up with Tunnel Bear and use Paypal and was successful in logging in with e-mail and password. The TB VPN ran out of data under the free plan yesterday and I did not sign up for more data. This morning I tried to login with e-mail and password and got blanks or very erratic responses. In other words, it didn’t work. Getting TB working with a month’s worth of data and re-logging in via UK site works. I can listen to Qobuz on two different computers at the same time and I-Phone and I-Pad both work although the interface is much easier on the desktop(Mac Yosemite). For example the favorites can be sorted by artist not on MConnect. You are stuck with date of adding to the favorites list.

I don’t know if login is possible without using the TB UK VPN or if I just made some form of mistake in logging in. Any thoughts here? I now hesitate to drop TB VPN as Qobuz may realize I am in the USA and lock me out.

The sound seems to be quite good through MConnect/Bridge II 3.17 and hard to tell a great deal of difference between the Mac via LanRover USB and the Bridge for Qobuz content. Qobuz is much better than Tidal through the Tidal desktop and somewhat better than Tidal though the Bridge/MQA or not. Is this similar to others on the forum?

Qobuz does not have all of the same titles as Tidal so replacing Tidal with Qobuz is not a slam dunk if one wants Tidal only content.



Qobuz was down for a period of time this morning but is back up and functioning now. Once you have your account established you can cancel the VPN and just sign in using your regular internet service. Unless you signed up for some sort of multi user plan you should only be able to use one streamer at a time so before you cancel the VPN make sure you log out of the account and then re-login using your regular service. And yes the desktop app is superior to any of the streamer or mobile based versions same as with Tidal.


The freaky thing is that you can sign up for Membership (no Subscription) from the US without worrying about anything, THEN you log in to the account you created, with Tunnelbear ON and set to Great Britain (or ditto for whichever VPN you’re using), and THAT is when you sign up for a Subscription Plan (Studio or whatever).

THEN, you do not need to use a VPN again.


Kind of afraid to cancel TunnelBear as that might rat me out, especially since it works well and TB is like $50/year. Bad-signing up as you did, are you limited to one device/computer at a time, if you are there may be real benefits to the continued VPN approach especially if the USA offering limits to one device at a time and by then may be Qobuz will actually be available in the USA.

Any thoughts about the sonic superiority or not of using the Bridge II with MConnect vs. USB from the MacMini?



I ran out of data on TB as well and have not signed up for additional data. Qobuz still seems to be working fine. I’ve been listening and comparing Qobuz, Tidal, CD all day today using Mconnect, USB, and Oppo via coax. In my system, Qobuz desktop app on USB beats mconnect and Tidal via Roon on Bridge II hands down. Roon sounds so much more “muffled” compared to Qobuz. I have to stress, I’m not doing some controlled test here. Just using my system as is and trying to see how they each sound. CD still sounds the best to me.

I have close to 4,000 CDs, 80% of it classical, and I have to say I’m very impressed with Qobuz’s classical collection. Once Qobuz becomes permanent here in the US I wouldn’t hesitate dumping Tidal for good. That’s how much better I find Qobuz. If I could somehow rival the sound from Qobuz desktop app to playing physical CDs through Oppo, I’d consider boxing up my CDs and saving space. Not sure if Iso Regen or something like that could level the playing field. I did just purchase a Sonicorbiter i5 so perhaps Roon through that will sound better.


”…I’d consider boxing up my CD’s and saving space.”

That’s what i did some time ago after ripping them to my Melco, spinning cd’s on the PWT does not add anything in my system.

Streaming Qobuz with BridgeII and mConnect (prefer BubbleUPnP myself, using the share funtion and browsing the Qobuz native app) you could try some kind of -optical- insulation…


I do like the Roon interface and functionality and find myself using it often enough. I am considering getting the Pink Faun LAN Isolator and see if that makes a difference. There are no shortage of options on the digital and streaming side of things these days. It gets a bit daunting. I am trying to simplify things and still get the best result within my means.


OK, I’m VERY computer illiterate - how do I use a UK VPN? What steps do I need to do to accomplish this when signing up since it still recognizes my current, US VPN, and thus no-go on the subscription start?


If you are already using a VPN then switch your location to the UK or Ireland.


Okay, I figured out using Tunnelbear. I’m up and running! I have a 3 month trial too from my recent purchase of Audirvana.

I’ll do some more critical listening over the next few days - I’m curious to see if I hear an improvement over Tidal as most seem to.

Does anyone know when Qobuz launches in the USA if the USA music library will be the same as the UK music library? I imagine it would be, but I’m curious. Already I can see quite a few songs on my playlists that aren’t transferring over from Tidal as Qobuz doesn’t have them.


The US licensing agreements are one of the things holding up the launch now so nobody knows the catalog.


Interesting, I didn’t know that. Gives me a little bit of hope! In the meantime I’ll be looking forward to evaluating the sound quality of the library that’s available. Thanks to all for the help here in figuring the sign-up out.


Sorry - busy day yesterday - you’ve got it sorted. I downloaded the free version of Tunnelbear, since the only time you need to use a VPN is when you log in to the account you created from the US (establishing a Membership WITHOUT selecting a Subscription plan) and THEN select a Plan.

After that you can turn Tbear (or other VPN) off, as Qobuz works without it. So no VPN usage or cost involved, just the cost of your Qobuz subscription plan - and you typically get the first month (or three) free, and can cancel at any time.

I imagine once they get up and running in the US, I’ll close this account and start a new one here. It has occasionally presented a spinning Q logo, and wouldn’t stream temporarily (I’m using the desktop app vs. the web app) but it has so far worked well. Not sure if that has anything to do with how I have it set up - though others have commented that they were seeing slowdowns the other day. Not sure if it was all US users having that issue.

Last thing I heard was that they might have more info for us at CES in early January, which I wouldn’t necessarily hold my breath for. Even if they do give us an update, it may be “…sometime later this year” (2019).

re: Sound via Bridge vs. USB, I’ve always personally preferred USB. Some prefer the Bridge. Particularly once I had a good isolated chain going (which adds up to over a grand) it sounds better than the Bridge in my system/to my ears. I’ve not tried the bridge with the iso chain. I dislike using MConnect enough that except occasionally using it on my phone, I would rather use Roon.

I have been using Roon for a long time despite its less-than-stellar sound, as it also incorporates Tidal, so was just such a convenient way of playing anything on your Network either from the net or local drives, it was worth it. And for more critical listening/SQ I use the DMP. But Qobuz is now running by itself, just as you can use the Tidal desktop app by itself. I like it better than the Tidal desktop app, but I frankly am basing that on the last time I used it, which was a year or more ago, so not sure if Tidal has improved it in the interim. Never been wild about the Tidal app, so its integration into Roon was a big plus, though again, arguably the Tidal app by itself sounds better. For streaming, I want functionality.

In my case at the moment I’m using the Screens remote desktop app to control my headless Mini server that has the Qobuz app on it. So with this setup, I’m getting decent functionality and excellent SQ. It’ll be nice if they establish more ways of controlling it remotely. Does anyone know of alternatives/ways of remotely controlling Qobuz? When I searched for a bit the other day I didn’t find any.


I use BubbleUPnP on a tablet and my phone. It has competent Qobuz integration, although I have never used Roon or any of the others so cannot compare. I also run BubbleUPnP Server on one of my networked PC’s so that the bits are transferred to my system over Ethernet rather than WiFi. The tablet/phone thus just acts as a command centre. I have no device from the Apple ecosystem.


Not sure if you’re aware, but Qobuz does have a UPnP output option in the settings you can try out. It’s still in beta, but that should cut out the need for BubbleUPnP (unless you have a specific use case for it). Just thought I’d mention this. This is one less link in the chain and I would assume one less thing means less possible software issues.


I tried the recent Qobuz app Beta 2 to my DSD/Bridge, and while the app recognized the Bridge as an output device, and appears to be playing to it, no sound came out.
I use an Auralic Aries G1 to play Qobuz instead.


Thanks for the reminder. I had not been able to get the Qobuz app to transmit to other than the PC speakers. I looked a little deeper and found you had to enable DLNA explicitly. Still no joy. Even if it worked I would still need a remote control program (I normally use VNC) to operate from my ‘listening room’. I shall stick to BubbleUPnP


Qobuz plays fine using the Qobuz link inside of Lightning DS as I have been using Qobuz with an Aries for over 18 months to multiple DAC’s including the DS Sr. It also works inside of Mcontrol too