Quality Control

Kudo’s to the logistics manager, making sure all parts are at the right time at the right place ensuring there is no hectic on the work floor.

As a german engineer I’m surely in suspect of being biased :wink:

But I don’t feel offended by critical opinions at all, neither personally nor generally for german engineering. This is probably a result of my general characteristic of stepping a mile aside or above before making up a final opinion (which is often but not always helpful).

We can question all common wisdom or reputation and that’s ok. We can say the french don’t know how to live, the italians don’t know how to cook, the germans don’t know how to engineer, the japanese don’t know how to organize and quality control manufacturing, netherlands are no liberal country, the US have no open minded culture etc. We question this as Jedi said, because of a reputation that isn’t met (generally or in one’s perception or selective experience).

I didn’t even see it politically motivated. Putting common knowledge, reputation, opinions or persons in question is perfectly fine for me, this is nothing that scares or offends me at all even if there’s a political bias.

What scares me is in case the same people putting everything else in question, are blindly and dogmatically following and not putting in question their political candidate even if he would eat their children (standing for whatever we see happening nowadays).

P.S.: I would get nuts in that clean Leica factory either :wink: But no one’s forced to work in such a clean space environment like in chip factories etc.


A thoughtful, respectful post raising some excellent points.

I also have lots of opinions about certain aspects of certain industries, including the German car industry, but don’t generalize.

Especially not based on nationality.

Many German and Japanese brand cars in North America are actually built in North America by North American hard working people. And that is the way it should be.

So just to confirm:

You bought a product (PSA) which didn’t meet your expectations therefore you have a valid complaint.

I bought multiple products which didn’t meet my expectations but complaining about it makes me “politically colored and ultra negative”.

Whatever dude :rofl:

That’s good, I also try to do so.

You said you never owned German luxury cars.

I don’t know what brand model trains did not work?
Sorry to hear so, the model the trains I own and I have set up with my friends worked just fine.

No I never owned a German luxury car. But I spent a decade working on them. Porsche are fantastic machines. The others are not at the same level.

You must have missed the years of intermediate shaft bearing failures and concomitant engine rebuilds. :slight_smile:

A couple of years ago, Porsche was at he bottom of reliability of 38 marques. See, e.g., here. In other years they have done very well.

Really? I just know that their service fees exceed my budged for buying aBother car, by far, so you might have a point there. I don’t have Mc Larren or Bugatti / Ferrari budget either. I drive a Volkswagen Passat Station Wagon Diesel, it’s big, luxurious, and is capable to get get me from point A to B with 220 km/h. Man that car rocks. It’s a do it all car, the Germans call it a “Eierlegende Wollmilchsau” which means it does it all. Space, luxury, speed and efficiency. I love it.

What a pity that the Netherlands just decided for 100 km/h limit :weary:

Yeah apparently I missed those Porsche years. I got out of the auto biz and went on to software engineering.

Unless your Passat diesel is a recent model (post 2016 or 17, I believe), it was only able to get on the road initially thanks to the emissions cheating software, another crown jewel of German engineering accomplishment…until they were caught. In all seriousness, the longer I am around the less impressed I am with the German engineering (Yes, I do own and have owned German “luxury” cars) - many aspects of their products are unnecessarily over-engineered, which it’s almost like someone writing a 5,000-word article to make a point when all it should take is two sentences. Oh, when can they start making their trains running on time?

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Every country has been the source of both superb and dismal products.

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But not many of them have the German Engineering legend.
(which is the point)

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I have always found the cars that are the most “reliable”, lowest cost of ownership to be unbearably boring.
I’ve had a string of Alfa Romeo’s and all of them required patience and informed mechanical attention. But driving every one of them was like playing with a happy puppy—which made me happy.

Everyone has preconceived notions about other industrially developed countries and their inherent population traits. I do contract work for a large automotive multi national company with manufacturing facilities in 60+ countries. When we sit down for a meeting there can and has been American (Canadian, US, Mexico, Brazil), European (German, Scandinavian, Spanish, English, Polish, Czech, many more), Asian (Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, others), Aussies and Kiwis among many more. Once we all sit down and look around everyone realizes that we are just a bunch of Human Beings trying to solve self inflicted problems for the smallest amount of money possible. It always boils down to the money. If your intended vehicle customer is willing to spend $10k-$20k+ USD more on the vehicle (think top tier from any country) you can add a lot more perceived quality to the product but it does always stop at a profit for cost point. Toyota and Honda have the highest quality world wide quality standards that have to be met. They are the most difficult to please for the money they are willing to spend on a particular part. Their product lines are mostly very reliable (and ho-hum boring) as a result.
The high maintenance cars are like the high maintenance girls - lots more fun to be around when everything is working right.

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I get that. If I wanted a reliable, low cost of maintenance Motorcycle Honda would be my first pick. I ride a Ducati, the only bike that makes BMW maintenance seem cheap. The Ducati has tons of personality, the Honda, not so much. Honda, they make awesome, but dull to me machines.

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Pretty much major name optics/camera company has a similar “clean room” environment. As a former Manufacturing manager in the automotive industry, the Japanese set the bar for automotive manufacturing. The German auto plants, although much cleaner and more efficient, is closer to the US plants than the Japanese. The US plants, even after all the bailouts, etc, still suffer from culture issues that have plagued the US auto industry for 60 years +.

My favorite bike was my Monster 900. Sold it a while ago. (waaaaaa :sob:)

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