Question about SD card usage when upgrading firmware

I know this probably a silly question to most of you but this old-timer isn’t quite sure about this.

QUESTION: When using an SD card to upgrade my DSD w/Bridge II, is it necessary that the ONLY files on the SD card are that of the upgrade being executed (i.e. Windom). In other words, can I store other older or newer upgrades (like Snowmass) on the SAME SD card in different folders and still use the same SD card for subsequent upgrades. If so, how do I point the DAC to the correct folder?
Should I just buy another SD card for each upgrade?
Many thanks!

You should have only the files necessary in the root directory with no folder

The update won’t work otherwise

I have a handful of Sd cards that I keep around all in 2gb size with each release on them in case I want to swap back and forth

It’s not that simple, if your card was formatted as FAT and has never been pulled out without using the OS’s eject function and you never left it in the DS when not upgrading you can have just about anything on the card you want as long as a complete release was written to the root without being overwritten. The weirdness comes if you have a corrupted file system, then you are more likely to have problems if there are more files on your drive.

Another possible problem is that the update process was originally only for FAT, not exFAT, FAT32, NTFS, etc. With an empty drive it could stumble thru a FAT32 format if the files were near the beginning of the drive. That’s a lot more likely if the drive is empty. I don’t know if the update process was ever modified to support FAT32 well or, say, exFAT.

I’ve got all releases for DS on a single 4GB SD card, each in their own folder. I copy the files for the release I want to load to the root using my computer, insert and reboot to upgrade (or downgrade) the DS

Formatted FAT by MacOS

No issues, 2 years

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I do the same with no problems (many folders on the SD card, each containing a release).

Thanks so much, Watchdog! That’s exactly what I wanted to know. I’ll buy a few more SD card’s and keep them handy. I can always use them in my Nikon SLR too.
Thanks again!


I have a small zipped case designed for SD cards. I just label them and keep them handy for Firmware swaps.

Hi Ted,

Thanks so much for your remarks here. I know you’re a busy guy!

A couple of months ago, when picked up my new DSD DAC from my local dealer (with Bridge II already factory installed), the paperwork packet came with an SD card, empty but already formatted to FAT32. The instruction book also instructs to download to an SD card formatted to FAT32. I used the factory-supplied SD card to download Windom and it installed with out a hitch. I have listened to it for 2 evenings now and all is well.

I will play it safe by following the advice of others who kindly contributed to this thread, and dedicate a new, formatted FAT32 SD card, to each new update that comes along. Not being a computer “sophisticate”, I’ll keep things simple.

Many thanks, Ted and also to watchdog507, Brett, and Elk for sharing their knowledge. A great forum!

Best to all, Fred