Question about the Power Port...

Hello all. Just wondering if the Power Port can be wired in a “half-switched” configuration. My two-channel setup resides in my living room and all the existing outlets are wired in a half switched configuration and I’d really prefer not to modify that if possible. Recently purchased an AC5 power cable and the existing outlet doesn’t hold the weight so I’m looking for an outlet upgrade. Anyway, on a typical outlet this can be achieved by busting off the tab between the hot lead screws on the side of the outlet and wiring appropriately. Doesn’t appear possible on a Furutech FPX outlet.

As always, thanks in advance,


Yes, if by half switched you mean to separate the two receptacle on the Power Port. There is a connecting strap between the two that can be disconnected easily to accommodate.

Great news. Thanks. So yeah, it’d be wired up in such a way that the lower receptacle is always hot and the upper is switched. I’ll head over to my dealer and see if they have any in stock.




Thanks Paul!