Question in achieving 2.1 HP\LP to amps

Newbie needing some advice “in order” to step-up to the SGC Pre-amp (strictly 2.1 Stereo)!

My current 2.1 stereo pre-amp (Emotiva USP-1) has both a 50-250 Hz LowPass line out to my powered sub and a 50-250Hz HighPass to my mains amp (Emotiva UPA-2). I have a Sub\Sat 2.1 audio dedicated intimate listening room (9ft X 10ft X11ft ceiling) with stand 2-way Sierra 1 NrT monitors. Rated response of the powered sub is 3db down at 18Hz and the Sierra’s soar flat to over 30K Hz. Both are very articulate and present very natural reproduction resolutions!

Listened with this set-up for the past 3 years with the monitors full range and the sub set to 50 Hz LP. However, recently set the monitors up to a 70Hz high pass with a LP to the sub of 70Hz and was stunned at the additional openness, depth and width of the soundstage. Midrange finesse, clarity and naturalness also greatly increased, as did tautness, definition and depth in the lower bass region!! Clean non-strained top end output easily increased 6 to 10db. Now with my great CD recordings, presentation is even more engaging, musical and holographic with width and depth that extends well beyond my small room boundaries! :slight_smile:

IMHO, I currently have the best live, realistic sound as I’ve ever had\heard over these past 45 years!!! After the first song, new listeners express an unsolicited long drawn out, “WOW”, or “My God”, or “Holy Sh**”! I DO NOT want to loose what I have and possibly, may not be able to obtain a substantial improvement in the small near-field-like room that I have for music.

However, I believe I can still advance those limitations swapping out the Emotiva’s with the PSA Stellar SGC pre-amp + S300 power amp!! I Do want to keep the current HP\LP pre-amp separation set up benefits, but with no SGC bass\high end built-in management, What simple 2-way HP\LP units are in the market place that I can insert between my line level mains out and achieve my desired sub LP and monitor HP system control??? :thinking: My research has shown extremely cheap (<$100) or extremely expensive ($2K) possibilities…overall, not much choices out there in the market place.

Any advice or recommendations will be greatly appreciated!


Welcome, Theo!

Thanks for the kind greeting, Elk!

Hope the experts at PSA can steer me in my desired direction (keeping 2.1 intacted as is). I’m still very interested in some decent PSA high-end gear for my wonderful monitors to sing with! :grin:


Howdy Ted!

If you’re up for it, I’d like to propose a challenge. The challenge looks like this:

  • bring in the Stellar Gain Cell and S300 from us on our in-home trial or on loan from a local dealer

  • Listen to your system as is, and then hook up the Stellar gear with the sub fed from either the RCA from the Gain Cell or high level to the S300 if your sub supports it.

  • Next, add in your USP-1 and use the HP and LP that it provides to manage bass. So the setup would go: source to Gain Cell, analog out from Gain Cell to the USP-1, then HP and LP outputs from the USP-1 go to your sub and S300

  • Last test is to remove the Gain Cell from the equation entirely and use the USP-1 fed into the S300 vs your current amp.

Once you have these data points, you can make the most informed decision. We’re hoping to find the balance between two main things - adding a box and additional cables (i.e., a device for bass management) is usually a detriment to sound quality, though having the ability to set HP and LP has been a benefit to your ears.

If it turns out things still sound best with the Stellar gear with bass management in place, then our team (and others on the forums) can make some recommendations.