Read this music server concept..

As CDs become less and less available, I believe that music servers will become the standard. The function of the server will be relegated to playback and maybe storage. Even storage is debatable with the advent of the “cloud”. Music servers will likely become a combination video/audio server that is networked. These will replace the set-top box and the CD/DVD/Blu-Ray player. All TV programming and network audio streaming will use this device. They will be controlled from any handheld device, computer, or a remote when using video.

I would like to see “juke-box” type services on the web at higher cost that stream hi-res music files to these devices for playback on demand. The music libraries of these will be huge and diverse. The cool thing about this is that subscription to this service will give one access to much more high-quality music that one could previously afford. There will be mass-market versions of these hardware “media servers” as well as high-end versions. High-end versions will have better power supplies, lower jitter clocks and AES and BNC digital outputs. They might even have a reference mic input and A/D converter for enabling software room correction. Once it has a mic input, it could even be used for recording or Karaoke.

Al D

Gordon has oft made this same prediction. You both may be correct.

I a rarely ever right in this field. Gorden posted something and after reading it while surfing I found something like it so I figured I would post it. I am trying to learn what I can here . You people are filled with info. The problem for me is properly understanding what I am reading. I am trying hard though.

Elk thanks for all your help and info…