Real Good Sounding Classical DSD recordings

@DirectSteam Owners: maybe we can share some realy good sounding DSD recordings?
My top 2:
Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 4

Bartók Concerto for Orchestra

I have LOTS; I’ll start with these…but first–my most-loved Classical Music is from the Romantic Period, with its long melody lines, unabashed emotions, and huge dynamic contrasts. My least loved is everything else and ESPECIALLY the Baroque period with its annoying, didle-diddle, nervous, repetitive natures.

Here’s my choice for the best-ever-recorded Classical piece, Edward Elgar’s Serenade for Strings in e, o. 20, played by Rotterdam Chamber Orch. conducted by Conrad van Alpen, an SACD by Telarc, #SACD-60623, out of print, of course… This is a very natural, spacious-sounding recording that is SO transparent I initially thought it was recorded too close to the orchestra… But it’s not, it’s just a fabulous recording… The disc also contains the far-larger Grieg Holberg Suite, o. 40 and Dvorak’s Serenade for Strings in e, o. 22… recorded in DSD, of course.

A fabulous-sounding large-orchestra piece is Tchaikovsky’s Sym. #5 in e, o. 64 played by the Gurzenich O of Cologne and conducted by Dmitrij Kitajenko… It was recorded by Germany’s OEHMS Classics in DSD; this album is #OC 667… Oehms recorded all eight of the symphonies plus two more albums; all sound equally excellent… BUY 'em all; I did!

Number three is a little different as it’s music for film by my nomination for the best film-music composer, EVER, the late Jerry Goldsmith. It’s called The Film Music of Jerry Goldsmith, Telarc #SACD-60433. Goldsmith conducted the LSO in a–maybe ‘the’–large recording studio at Abbey Roads… The engineers used few microfones and the soundstage sounds HUGE… The disc contains 69 minutes of his finest music–which means THE finest music ever written for film… Again, recorded in DSD.

All three are hybrid SACDs.

Thanks, I will throw another one: