Recommended Roon Endpoint for outside

Looking for opinions.

We will be spending a lot of time in the backyard this summer. I already have a nice little set of outdoor speakers.

What would be the least expensive way to get sound on the deck as a Roon endpoint? It doesn’t have to be high quality, but just something to throw sound out. Small and portable would be nice as well, since the deck isn’t 100% protected… might want to bring the endpoint in when we’re done.

Thanks. I simply don’t know what’s out there that might fit the bill.

Chromecast Audio. Find one on eBay. Easy to protect from weather. Next choice would be a Raspberry Pi of nearly any vintage, harder to protect and probably more money.

I’ve had a CCA out on the back patio for a couple years connected to an old amp and speakers. Works great.

I’ve also got a ChromeCast Ultra in the shop. I created a ‘group’ in the Google app and Roon happily plays to them in sync.

It’s nice to have a party and have the same music playing everywhere in sync. When we used to be able to have parties that is.

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I’ll second the Chromecast audio. Works great and is plenty good enough for outdoor casusal listening .

Bluesound Pulse Flex2i?

I’m not familiar with the Chromecast, although I have heard of it.

Does it serve as amp, DAC, and endpoint going out to my traditionally-wired speakers?

In the old days, we tried to drive my old Maggie’s enough to project outside. It did not go well.

The Pulse might be a viable option, but the site you referenced shows them as unavailable.

I’ll look around for them. It might work, although I already have a set of weather-capable speakers.

It’s a wireless DAC and analog or digital output via 3.5mm plug. They’re discontinued. The newer Chromecast(s) don’t have the analog out only HDMI digital. You’ll want specifically the original Chromecast Audio or CCA.

I have it paired with a 50 watt 2 channel amp from Audio Source that I’ve had for years. It’s cool in that it sits in standby until it detects a signal and turns on. It drives a pair of JBL 4208.

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Shows ready to ship for me - perhaps you are outside the USA?

No, I’m U.S., but I did only do a quick drive-by at the site. I’ll investigate further in the morning.

Add a cheap amp and some outdoor speakers from Parts Express and you’re in business.

You’re only going to get so much quality in an outdoor space, IMHO.

That being said, I have a Sonos:Amp driving an old pair of Bose 151s. No complaints.


A Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 + Ropieee (free Roon endpoint OS).

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When Chromecast Audio dongles show up on Craigslist, I buy them. I’ve probably bought a dozen at this point, as I’ve used them to help friends set up networked audio in their houses.

24/96 hi-res from the little thing. They’re great. (And to make it more reliable still, you can get an interface to tie it into the network via ethernet. But for outside, wifi would be just fine, as long as it can see your wireless network.)

Google discontinuing them was such a bummer.