RedCloud first songs.

So RedCloud will be here soon. I wanted to ask - I always like to play something on old firmware - upgrade - then play the song again as it might quickly highlight the differences between the releases. I might flip flop the firmware several times. Once I do this I settle in for longer listening periods.

Anyone have any favorite first tunes that they do something like this with? Thanks.

I have never found quick switching to be of any help. I will load the new firmware, let the DS settle, and settle into long term listening.

I will play whatever I happen to want to listen to at the time.

Sometimes a large random selection playlist is fun to listen to. Even when playing as background music I often alert to something that sounds different than it’s ever sounded before. It’s a great way to find music that you haven’t listened to for a while because it didn’t sound good on your system in the past for some reason.

How about “Under the Red Cloud,” which is the title track of the 2015 album by Finnish heavy metal band Amorphis?

Just kidding! Happy holidays to all!

How about…

…one of the greatest chiefs of all times blush_gif