Redcloud for DS is live


Yes ELK, I’m also doing this with JRiver and I already mentioned it somewhere here as a wish for Octave, too.

But this is something one could continue to do with JRiver (with its own separate library) even when Octave isn’t able to support it, as other than Bridge III, our Tablets which we use outside of our network continue to support DLNA.

It seems JRiver is currently also providing a browser based GUI as amsco15 mentioned. At a first look as expected this seems to be much much worse than the dedicated app Jremote. There are too many wishes for Octave to mention when getting into detail.


I did a bunch of experimenting today while driving around. The JRemote app to remotely access my music server works great. The only limitation, you have to have transcode to mp3 to play DSF files. JRemote can’t play DSF. Most of my collection is saved as FLAC. Full CD resolution FLAC sounds better on my car stereo (over Bluetooth) than 320 mp3. There are three transcode choices: low (64), medium (128), and high (320). Driving around town, my phone, iPhone 6S with LTE service, had no trouble streaming full 16/44 FLAC. Didn’t try higher resolution FLAC files.

Elk said

As you note your comments are off-topic, I hope this means you are making a generic point only and not referring to Brodricj.

Let’s face it… This thread is nothing but a soup sandwich with regard to a well defined topic. An accusation of “off-topic” cannot hold any merit.


Jeff, please review my entire post.

I asked Yikes99:

"Please do not accuse Brodricj of buying grey market. One can disagree with his decision on how he is addressing his problem, but lets stick to known facts."

I gave him an out however with the observation you quoted above. That is, he could, if he chose, to claim he was not referring to Brodricj but making only a generic off-topic comment.

There was no "accusation of ‘off-topic.’ (This sounds very dramatic. Will the poster go to trial, face possible prison time?) In any event, like many threads in this forum, the topics flow freely. This is what our members prefer. As you note, it is pretty hard to declare the topic of these threads.


Bad word selection on my part. “Any mention An accusation of ‘off-topic’…”

Wasn’t trying to be dramatic. Just got a chuckle out of seeing that phrase used at this point in the thread.


Definition: A grey market is the trade of a commodity through distribution channels that are legal but unintended by the original manufacturer. Grey market products are products sold by a manufacturer or their authorized agent outside the terms of the agreement between the reseller and the manufacturer.

Jeff of Arabica said Just got a chuckle out of seeing that phrase used at this point in the thread.
An excellent point.

I am sorry, I reacted poorly to the word accusation. My bad. I tend toward the literal and overlooked the irony. Your interjection of a bit of humor was appropriate and on point. :slight_smile:


Hey Elk,

No worries! I often forget that people can’t read my mind in these forums and what I type may be interpreted in many ways, to no fault of the reader. All good! smile


Hey you guys! Enough with the off-topic shit! ; )

(places black square atop wig. “For the crime of going Off Topic, I hereby sentence you to be taken to a place of execution…”)

I guess it’ll be interesting to go back to Huron at some point to see whatever happens, but RC was so much more musical right away (which Huron wasn’t, IMS) that I would be pretty darn surprised if I liked it better. Though come to think of it, I never went back after the month it took me to adapt my system to Huron… : )

[There is ONLY IMS and IMR - in my system and in my room, unless otherwise explicity experienced and stated]


I re-inserted my Audible Illusions L3A preamplifier after installing Halos on the tubes - what an improvement, Apparently the M700s were faithfully reproducing the vibration from the tubes. In addition, all my interconnects and speaker cables are about 8" off the floor and the minimization of the floor vibrations and sound waves really let the M700s shine like never before. The M700s are exceptional and at a fantastic price - most highly recommended,


Interesting to read this thread. I picked up my DS, in the spring of this year, well after the Red Cloud Upgrade. Seems to be a lot more Initial enthusiasm for Snowmass. Redcloud is all I’ve ever heard and I think it sounds great. Looking forward to Snowmass next week. The descriptions of the improvements sound similar to what I experienced when I went from using USB output to toslink w/glass cable. Cant’t wait…