Redcloud x Snowmass

As Redcloud is posterior to Snowmass, it is superior or only different? How different?

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There are many posts on this. A thread you may find helpful is here.

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Any thoughts regarding using a tubed pre power combo with directstream? Fixed volume mode?

No problem with tubed pre/power combo with the DirectStream, a good few folks go for that setup and it tends to work brilliantly. We use our BHK gear which is a hybrid tube design and it works wonders with the DSD.

As for fixed volume mode, we do indeed use it in Music Room Two here. Paul has the volume fixed at 89. No idea how he decided on 89, though he’s not the kind of person to do something willy nilly so I’m sure there’s a good reason.

Happy camper over here with DSsr to Audio Research Ref6/75SE driving Martin Logan Spire/Rel StadiumII (complete setup in my profile) :musical_score:

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While I don’t know for sure why Paul did this, with Redcloud Ted had said running the DS slightly below 100 would alleviate some noise issues (I don’t recal the specifics, but I’m sure Ted will remember them). Perhaps Paul set it at 89 when using Redcloud and never changed it?

See review in

or the discussion a few posts down from the above post


Thanks Ted! For some reason I thought it was longer ago than last December. I was running my DS at 90 for what I thought was a long time based on what you said. Regardless, this sounds like a plausible explanation for Paul setting his DS at 89.

Set to 89. How about a version o Snowmass to tubed and one to solid state considering their harmonics differences? Just an idea.