-Reduced- For sale: PS Audio HCA-2 stereo power amp w/ Stage 2 Signature modifications by Cullen Circuits [Sold]

Good day, all.

Time to thin the herd and simplify my audio life.

I’m second owner of the HCA-2. For me, Cullen Circuits did their Stage 2 Signature mods, which included upgraded parts and better speaker terminals that I have loved. Great with banana plugs; also great with spades.

Workhorse amp with lots of flexibility (balanced inputs as well as RCAs). I’m assuming folks here know this amp so let’s proceed to how I’ll get the HCA-2 in your hands.

The HCA-2 ships in its original (large!) double box = superb protection for this amp in route to you. The original owner’s manual is included.

The HCA-2 looks like new. At least 8 of 10 for condition.

Price for the HCA-2 with Cullen Stage 2 Signature mods - $899 (includes shipping to you, lower 48 in the United States only).

Note that I also have for sale a matching PCA-2 preamp with phono module and High Current Power Supply. (There’s a separate ad for the PCA-2 in the Buy/Sell thread.)

Price for PCA-2 with phono module and HCPS - $1399 (includes shipping to you, lower 48 in the United States only).

Discounted combo price for all three pieces of PS Audio gear - $1999 (includes shipping to you, lower 48 in the United States only).

Payment by PayPal is A-OK (and no upcharge by me when you use PayPal).

Thanks for looking at my ad.

Cheers, y’all, Chaz

Note, plz, that the PCA-2/HCPS have sold. But the HCA-2 amp is still available.

Let’s add some photos . . . .


Maybe the HCA-2 needs a bit of background added?

This power amp puts out 150 watts per channel and remains cool to the touch, thanks to its innovative design. Its first review in a national audio 'zine by Sam Tellig was such a rave, Stereophile ranked the HCA-2 in its A category of power amps.

A later Stereophile review by Kal Rubinson praised the power output of the HCA-2 and called it, “A great bargain.”

I paid $500 for the Cullen Circuits modifications, which was a superb upgrade.

You will be pleased – and then some – with the sound of the HCA-2.

Forgot to say that the PS Audio HCA-2 power amp appeared in Stereophile’s Recommended Components issues (April and October) for years.

Here are specifics from a pdf that I found online yesterday:

“PS Audio HCA-2: $1695 The 150Wpc HCA-2 is remarkable in using a switching (PWM) output stage. ST: ‘The HCA-2 was remarkably free of the rich, overripe, sometimes woolly sound associated with tube amplification. There was plenty of bass, but it was extended and tight, not “all over the place.” The treble was superbly extended . . . not rolled-off, the way tube amplifiers can sometimes sound.’ KR echoed Sam’s enthusiasm: ‘There’s nothing I’d like more than to point out that ST missed something, got it all wrong, or that the HCA-2 is undeserving of the accolades. But I can’t. The HCA-2 will consistently impress with its speed, resolution, lack of edge or harshness, dynamic range, and — despite its size — power.’ ‘. . . I liked it at the price. Transparent,’ sums up ST. (Vol.25 Nos.10 & 12 WWW)”

It’s worth a further mention that the Cullen Circuits modifications that cost $500 made this bang-for-the-buck power amp considerably better (and way easier to hook up with the speaker cables of your choice!).

Price for the HCA-2 power amp . . . reduced to $799 (free shipping to buyers in the lower 48).

In the last month, I’ve done a shootout between this power amp and a new pair of PS Audio M700 monoblocks. It was a close contest, danged close.

The HCA-2 was so good that I had to go back and forth more than once. I’m lazy. Don’t like to hunker down and unhook connectors and cables. But the HCA-2 was that good. . . .

Short truth: Somebody will be very pleased, I’d bet, with this HCA-2 power amp! Why not make that somebody YOU?

Chaz, do you know the the power output of the HCA-2 into 4 ohms? I have Maggies.


Thanks for the inquiry.

Here from the owner’s literature for the HCA-2: “• 225 Watts Per Channel into 4Ω”

Best to you, Chaz

Now available online as a buy-it-now.

Still, I’d rather see it sold here; therefore, the HCA-2 with Cullen mods is reduced to $749 and includes free shipping (to the “lower 48” only).

Cheers, Chaz

Bump, y’all, for a price reduction . . . to $699 (with free shipping - lower 48 - only).