"Reference failed" displayed by P20

I am the happy owner of a P20. When I woke up this morning, the main screen was on. At the top of the screen, in red letters it stated, reference failed. All the outlets were red that were once green and of course, all my equipment was off and out of standby. The remote did not work. I unplugged it from the wall for a few seconds and plugged it back in and all is good and working. I have come across another thread with the seeming same problem which resulted in a RMA. The unit is less than a year old and it is continuously on. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

Let me check with the experts this morning and find out what that meant.

This refers to the voltage reference that are used to make the measurements and generate the accurate output signals. This is a pretty critical function so we include two references and the system constantly compares them to make sure they agree.
I’m sorry to say we have had occasional “false positives” where noise or some other transient causes the system to get a bad reading. The system shuts down as a precaution, and waits for you to manually restart it. During the start up sequence it checks everything again before connecting your gear.
So it sounds to me like we can chalk this one up as a “glitch”. We don’t like it when we have those, but we don’t take any chances when it comes to protecting your gear. If this happens regularly we should have a look at it here.


Thanks, Bob! Bob is our chief engineer and the designer of the Power Plants.

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Thank you Paul and Bob for easing my mind and the very quick reply. It is amazing to me that the THD coming in to my to my home on a dedicated 20 amp line, pins the meter at 8% almost all the time. On a good day, about 7% THD incoming. Out going is consistently 0.1% which is mind blowing amazing.

It is pretty wild how dirty power can be, isn’t it?

Your dedicated 20a line is isolated from everything you have in your home, though all the noise and crap from outside your home still gets piped in.

I’m glad to hear your P20 is doing good work in your system. 7 to 8% THD is pretty gnarly.

I would contact the power company and ask them to take some measurements and help find the source.

Prior to the the P20 purchase, I had an Audioquest Niagra 5000. The hum that emanated from that unit just drove me nuts. I was told by Audioquest that it was probably due to the poor quality of AC coming into my house and making the transformer in the unit buzz. The unit was doing its job. I could hear it in the kitchen. My equipment is in the adjacent family room. If this explanation is accurate, I cannot say. I just know a little technical knowledge which can be dangerous. The P20 is dead silent.

Yes, your power is pretty high on the nasty list, but not uncommon. Have fun and enjoy clean power!