REL speakon connection to amp vs speakers

I will be connecting 2 T/9x’s to my system (B&W 805 D4) driven by a NAD M33. I am wondering if there is any audible difference between connecting them to the amp or to the speakers directly and am guessing somebody here has tried it.

I only use the system for music and I listen relatively quietly, the “room” is 16 by 16 but open concept so the total space is 16 by 50.

In my opinion, long held, it makes no difference.


If by connecting to the amp you mean the sub outputs, then if you use Dirac you can roll off your 805’s to improve their dynamics. If you are not going to use Dirac then I would use the REL speaker connection cable to the M33 speaker connections. Just did a single T9+805/D3 configuration with a Parasound amp that way. Worked very well.

Dirac works against the actual results (ie what the microphone hears) so it should be irrelevant how the sub is connected, or have I missed something!

Using the subwoofer output affords you the ability to have a high-pass filter setting for the 805s where if you use the speaker outputs you don’t. Note that you have an option to specify a Subwoofer and its crossover on the M33. Any frequencies below that crossover setting will be routed to your sub and not the 805s. Dirac will therefore handle these setups differently. My point was by removing the very low bass from the 805s they will have lower distortion and greater dynamics which will better match that of two T9 subs.