Remote controller


Just getting my system setup, I have been trying to figure out an alternative to using ipad etc. for a remote controller. Is there an alternative? I already have 2 desktops and 2 laptops, all newer computers. I don’t feel like spending more money on an ipad.


What are you using for server software? JRiver, foobar2000, eLyric, etc., generally let you play from the computer acting as the server.


I haven’t chosen the software yet. I was thinking about eLyric. So I can control everything from the computer but won’t have remote access?


If you already have a smartphone you can use that with JRiver/JRemote for an iphone. You can also install any number of remote desktop applications for an android device and control the music server that way. I’m not sure if there is a dedicated android controller app like JRemote.


If you have an Android device there are good controllers available on that platform for UPnP, Foobar2000 and J River Media Center.

Personally I like Foobar2000. It is free and there are a number of plugins to configure it to do many things, like UPnP streaming to the PWD/Bridge. Admittedly the best remote controller for Foobar is on iPad but there are good controller options for Android. You can even control it fron another Windoze desktop.

JRMC has good remote controllers for both Android and iOS devices and it is also a popular media server used byna number of members of this forum. I believe that it too can be controlled from another Windoze desktop. Others will have to answer this detail as I do not have JRMC in my system yet.



So you will be streaming to the Bridge? If not, we are having the wrong discussion!

The following may be of use to you IF you have an Android phone or tablet. As J.P. and Clint said, there are good Android controllers for JRMC and other servers. Another option is to use any player, including JRMC, but use a different server than the one supplied with it; for example, MinimServer (my pick) or AssetPnP. With most servers and renderers (i.e. Bridge), you can use any DLNA control point app. I have tried many Android apps, and my pick is BubbleUPnP. It has been updated constructively many times, doesn’t crash even on an old smartphone, and it is quite flexible. The developer answers questions and tries to address them.

The control app “Gizmo” that comes with JRMC is useful for some things but is severely limited in features and flexibility. Still, I have it available on my phone as a backup to BubbleUPnP.

eLyric, of course, is no longer being developed by PS Audio. I found it terribly buggy. Many Bridge owners still like it, and it will give you gapless with the Bridge. I don’t know what control software it works with.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for all the help, I think I am going to try an android phone. That seems to be the easiest and cheapest way to go.


A 7 inch Android tablet can be had pretty cheaply and can serve for more than just a PWD controller. I would be cautious of anything under $100, but you can find some worthwhile deals for $50 or $60 if you shop carefully. A 9 or 10 inch tablet can be found for a little more money. Of course, if you can get a used Android phone for next to nothing then that could certainly could be a good path for experimentation.