Remote Interference


I just bought a new LG TV. The LG TV remotes up, down, ok, sideways buttons seem to be turning on and off my BHK Pre.(not cool, lol)
I contacted LG and they are a bunch of idiots who dont seem to have any answers for me an they said I should contact PS Audio. Well here goes. Any ideas? I am guessing the IR codes for the LG TV are the same for the on an off button on the BHK Pre. Anything I can do on the BHK pre to changes this??




We are lucky this does not happen more often than it does given how even lights and ceiling fans have remote controls.

I hope there is a work-around.


The same thing also happens with DMP commands turning on the DSJ when I don’t want it to.

I know this doesn’t solve your problem, but I bought a Samsung QLED TV recently and it has a bluetooth remote. Much better than IR remote.

Some TV have a setting that gives you the option of changing the IR code set it uses to solve this problem of component cross-talk interference. You might get more sense out of LG if you email them, rather than rely on robot-person on the other end of the phone.


I sometimes have similar problems with my LG TV remote. It seems to be sporadic but that may just be a function of which remote commands I regularly use.


LG is saying there is nothing they can do. Anytthing that can be done with the BHK?


Have you had a look around inside the service menu of the LG? There should be an option there for changing the IR code set to something else the TV will understand, but hopefully the BHK will not understand.

Press and hold the “OK” button on both the remote and the TV at the same time, for about 5-10 seconds. That should get you to the service menu pages. If that doesn’t work, try the same thing but using the MENU button.

If you are asked for a password try 0000 or 7777. Let us know how you get on.


Unfortunately, no and I apologize. We’ve seen this on occasion. We follow pretty strict rules about not using registered IR code but some companies, LG being one of them, routinely ignores standards and goes about their merry way. I wish we could get them to do what’s right but they seem a tad bigger than us and probably don’t care.


Thanks, Brodric!


Well after trying everything and speaking with LG a number of times it seems this tv and remote does not have the capability to change IR codes. Sooooo. Taking the tv back. Getting another model. BHK stays…
Thanks for trying everyone.


What model LG, hopefully not one of the OLEDs?


It was an open box special 65LGUJ6200. It was a great deal at $499. But going with a Samsung that is refurbished and a little better tv at $549.


I just bought a new Samsung Q7F QLED. The OS features are great, but the picture out of the box is rubbish. Over-saturated red and green, which is causing over-saturated yellow. And there is one tone of black - crushed. The panel needs calibrating, but to get it calibrated to HDR10 will cost 50% of what I paid for the TV.


Not a new problem. My five year old LG LCD TV used to activate my P5 a few years ago. Had to block the remote sensor on the P5 as a work around. Replaced the LG with a Sony LED…problem solved.


‘Tis a bummer! I was annoyed by the fact that my former preamp was also controlled by the Marantz remote codes. (I have a by-pass setup, with a Marantz receiver powering center and rears, and my pre and amp doing the left and right. While I like the sound of my BHK pre better than the former one (which shall remain nameless here), my LG tv remote codes seem to shut off the BHK pre- it’s a 65" OLED, recently purchased, and it ain’t goin’ nowhere! First-world problem to be sure. Using my Tivo Bolt’s remote to power on tv, control the Tivo-channel, etc., and the volume and mute on the Marantz surround receiver. I am using the tv’s HDMI ARC input in order to do so-may just have to see if it is part of the problem. Too many remotes!