Removing ground pin on AC-12 power cord


I have an Esoteric E-03 phono stage. I use a PS Audio Ac-12 with the Esoteric. I get some hum with my system when I play my mono cartridge. When I remove the ground pin of the AC-12 the hum goes away. I have read though that it can be dangerous to lift the ground of a component. Wanted to find out if it would be so in the situation. The Esoteric goes directly into my integrated tube amplifier, an Art Audio Jota amplifier with a volume control. I use a grounded powercord on the Jota.


When you do this you are breaking a ground loop that is causing the hum. There are other ways to solve this other than removing the ground pin, but it will take some experimenting and, in some cases, only breaking the ground loop like you are doing works. Hopefully you can experiment with different grounding to get the same results.

Is it dangerous? Well, officially yes. What it means is the Esoteric hasn’t any firm safety ground except through the other connected equipment. Should a wire with AC power get lose inside the Esoteric and touch the chassis you might run the risk of electrocution. Unlikely, but that is the danger.


Thanks Paul for your response-much appreciated