Replacement Remote to Stella Gain Dac

How do i go about getting a replacement remote for my Stella Gain DAC? My dog has chewed through mine thus adding to the list and cost of replacement items in the 4 short months since we acquired him!


Warwick, UK
SGD / S300 Owner.

I feel for you. Our Spanish Water Dog is now 1.5 years and he chewed through a few cable box remotes. He’s settled down now for the most part. Fortunately the cable company replaces them no questions asked. Reach out to James. He’ll help you out.

Hi. Thanks for the reply and i’m aware that they do settle. Ours is a mere six months and is going through my money faster than the kids! How do i get in touch with James? Thanks.


Pesky dogs! I think you got a dud, a remote shouldn’t be a substitute for a biscuit. We’ll get you a new remote ASAP!