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Hi all. Something I’ve been curious about. While I’m sure that very few decide to take advantage of the 30 day return on PS products, surely it does occasionally happen. I’m wondering what becomes of the returns. Is there ever an opportunity to buy at a reduced price?

TMR , The Music Room - thats my guess.

And I believe that is 100% accurate for most stuff. They are popular around here and I have seen a piece or two of mine surface there…Many (including PSA I am pretty sure) do not want to get into the Used Audio business. Let TMR handle it…

Yah that makes sense. I should have thought of that. Sadly, they really don’t offer any deal.

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You just have to keep an eye out for a good deal.

I purchased a PWD II “open box” with full 3 year warranty from TMR back in 2014 for $1250, not a bad deal.

Also watch Music Direct, time to time they discount PS Audio, especially the close out products.
Not too long ago I saw the NWPC for $750 on the site.
I bought a new P3 from them for $1300.

And every now and then PS Audio has some very good deals, I recall the P10 shipping out for $2800 for a limited time.

Do not hesitate to call Walter aka Wally at Underwood HiFi, I have gotten some very good deals from him also.

TMR has some decent deals if you are buying. Also a no question 30 day trial. Contact Nick. Now selling, expect to get beat up. C-list has some deals and I have seen some deals on this site and others (BHK 250 NIB 4200.00). Just got to go hunt them down. +1 to Music Direct- they have some good pricing IF they have what you are after…

I’ve bought from TMR and they’re great to buy from. As you said, selling to them is a different story. For ex., they wanted to give me $100. for a perfect 1.5 meter AC12.

Yep. They can be that way if they don’t think it will sell. They are a PSA dealer BTW. They research Ebay, Agon anywhere and get an idea what any given product is worth based on what it sold for. Then subtract 30% and there about lies your offer. Apparently many go for this. They do a bit better of course on a trade.

Used cable prices might also be depressed because there been a lot of counterfeits out there.

They have a S300 listed for HIGHER than retail!! Man…that place…

I’m getting discouraged too. I sent in a few pieces to get a price on. They said allow a couple days. It’s been 10. Not a peep even after a follow up email to a guy I have worked with. They have always been under staffed which I get I suppose. Overhead hurts and it’s not a high margin business model. But I can’t recommend poor service. Although they will take your money easy enough if you are buying- they are set up pretty well on that side lol. Also you have to be careful. I have seen “new” advertised but it’s been in the box for years.

I made an inquiry to TMR over the phone once, they said they would get back to me asap …they never got back to me…Oh well,they can kiss my grits…

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