Reverting to previous Bridge II software - How to?

I’ve recently upgraded my DSJ with RedCloud and the new Bridge II updates. But I’m getting some bad sonic artifacts when playing Tidal music thru Roon, and am trying to diagnose where they came from. They are new.

I’ve already reverted my DSJ back to Yale, and they are reproducible in Yale. So it’s not from RedCloud. Now I’d like to do the same exercise with Bridge II, but don’t know how to regress back to a prior version.

Is there a way to do that?


PS - Have been in touch with another Tidal/Roon/DSJ owner, and they’re getting it to. So it’s both reproducible, and I’m not the only one with the problem.

With 52 views at this point, and no replies, I’m going to assume that no one knows how to revert. But since my OP this has become a moot point anyway, as I’ve been able to confirm conclusively that this problem only occurs with MQA files.

Knowing that now, reverting would be pointless, as the prior versions of Bridge II could not play MQA files coming from Roon. So please consider the question withdrawn.

@scolley i believe the only way to revert bridge2 firmware (or load any other specific version than the one which is located at psaudio web site from where bridge2 tries to get updates) is with specific windows software and binary firmware file. You can eventually get both from PS Audio - it is normally used only for specific cases to restore failed bridge2 update or testing purposes but technically it’s possible.

Other way would be to make the older firmware available via own webserver which would be presented to your bridge2 as (either via custom transparent proxy server or own dns entry for that FQDN) and having your preferred firmware available at specific url under that FQDN. But this is not supported and is only my theory and as my bridge2 was bricked without even knowing the root cause when i tried update to latest firmware via standard process i would probably not even try to do this kind of hack. I am very thankful to PSA they sent new bridge over to me i now just hope it will arrive before holidays and would be able to enjoy the sound of Redcloud as my current streaming setup is not reaching the SQ of B2. It’s really torturing experience to observe all the raving reviews about SQ of Redcloud and not be able to hear it by myself :slight_smile: Just for only few more days… i hope… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply @maniac. I guess someone DOES know how to revert. Thank you. We’ve got it documented here for the record.

But as I later stated, it turned out to be a moot point for me… turns out I really didn’t need it.

Good luck in getting your replacement Bridge II soon!