Ripping at 96 vs 192 w Vinyl Studio on NPC


The NPC manual advises “capping” the sample rate at 96kHz, saying
beyond that is “not recommended for best sound”.

Vinyl Studio provides some flexibility to rip at higher rates - and some think the SQ is better at say, 24/192.

So… Is there “technical” reason in the makeup of the NPC and how the signal is processed ( PCM or DSD) that warrants or argues in favor of 96 rather than 192?

I’m not looking for subjective “it sounds better” - of course, I can do the rips for comparison purposes - just looking to see if there’s “something under the hood” that would help me understand.


Nope. Technically it’s just fine to use whatever you wish. I simply found that, to my ears and on my system, 96kHz sounded the best. Feel free to experiment and report back what you find.

Thanks for your response Paul.

So… after trying both 96 / 24 and 192 / 24 on a couple different systems with some jazz and classical - to me it’s a push. All this done with the NPC ( which I absolutely love!!!), Vinyl Studio, and audio grade interconnects, etc, etc. ; though my system just may not be capturing the difference or my ears can’t decipher. In any case - I’m going with your reco on the 96/24… plus it takes less disc space. One of the other wonderful byproducts of all this is listening to LPs that I have not heard in years, including alot of direct to disc ; sheffield labs, etc, etc that just sound amazing with the NPC ( and some other new gear i got Rega RP8, etc). Thanks again.

Here’s the thing. The limited information on an LP, relative to what’s captured even at 44.1kHz/16 bits, makes the choice fairly easy. I think the filters and sample rate of 96kHz/24 works well with just about every DAC and is overkill for what you’re trying to capture on the LP. Thus, it makes sense to use that.

It is amazing, isn’t it, how close the digitized output of the NPC sounds to its pure analog path. I too love this device. And the ideas of touching my iPad and playing a vinyl record is enticing and always amazes me. I recently added some cuts Fremer recorded from his turntable setup and using the NPC. Amazing. It really is a testament to what he has accomplished in his turntable setup, the NPC just being a faithful servant of capturing all that came before it.

Well… speaking of Fremer… did anyone see his recent “blind” test of ADC units?

I’ve been merrily ripping more vinyl with my NPC, quite happy with the SQ both of the phono stage and converter…

so it doesn’t really matter to me, but results were curious…

I saw it and posted a question regarding the improved sound quality of the second unit. According to Paul the sound improvement was from a firmware update. I haven’t done the update yet, but it wasn’t clear if the update only improved the sound of rips or if it improved the phono stage itself.