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I’m looking to understand the best fidelity process to rip my CD & SACDs. I’ve just purchased the Roon Nucleus+ and would like to place all of my physical music in my NAS. I have a QNAP 251+ with 8GB RAM and a Seagate Iron Wolf 8TB drive. I ripped my whole music collection about 10 years ago and want to rethink ripping the entire collection again. I only have 275 CD/SACDs so the whole process should be pretty easy. This time I would like to make sure I have the best sonic result.

DBpoweramp is what I use. Lossless FLAC files will be generated and it compares your rip to a database for integrity. It will only rip CD’s you’ll need a more complex solution for your SACD’s.


+1 for DB Poweramp. I use uncompressed FLAC. make sure you calibrate your ripping drive through the DBP software first. You should also check that you are happy with the default file name ripping that comes pre-configured. I changed mine to suit the way that suited my storage requirements.
I use a folder structure of Genre/Artist/Album. Technically with Roon, this does not matter but if you have another non-Roon based system connected to your NAS, then this gives you options with other server software like MinimServer, Twonky and the like.
When ripping multi album or compilation cd’s I have had issues with Roon not recognising them correctly so there is sometimes a bit of trial and error.
One other thing with dbp is that the genres assigned to cd’s can be a bit random so I often overwrite their suggestions so the genres match my folder structure.
I also always put a copy of the cover art in a Folder.pdf file in the directory for each CD. This is also not strictly not needed for Roon but is used if you are ever using another server software.

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watchdog507 & cerobo - Started using dBpoweramp yesterday and love it. You can be as detailed or automatic as you want. A very nice piece of ripping software. Thanks for your input.


I just ripped 275 CDs w/ dBpoweramp to my QNAP 251+ NAS w/ 8GB RAM and Seagate Iron Wolf 8TB drive. I also just received my Roon Nucleus+; waiting for my new 2017 iPad to control the Nucleus+, and Sbooster (18V to 19V) linear PS; MK II. Presently using Mconnect and it works; however, been having issues…

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