Ripping Question


I rip with dbPoweramp on my network to my drive attached to my Mini. I have had essentially no issues for 2 yrs now two albums in past month appear in Finder with no folder or art, just the tracks show. And nothing will import to to P Music or JR 18.

Have tried twice same thing, could someone offer a fix or explain why ?


Is it just these two albums? Have you successfully ripped other albums in the last few months? Is there something unusual about the names of these two albums, such as do theynstart or end with special characters?

Double check the destination file rule to make sure that this has not been changed somehow.



I ripped ok two others at same time i got the last no-rip. Been ripping several hundred ok over last two yrs, there could be more than two but darn few. The latest was the Vince Gil/Paul Franklin Backersfield cd, fairly new issue. DbP Amp could not find art work but the mp3 plays/shows art on my iPad with Amazon’s cloud player.


Okay. I am not exactly a dBp power user, just a user. Also, this may be more to do with Mac than dBp. I know how to spell Mac, but that is about it as I am a Windoze guy. I will have to leave it to those more familiar with Mac to try to sort this out.



Are you running Windoze on your Mini?

I know of no Mac version?

Best is to check ALL your settings in DBPA in case something has changed. Optical drive offset maybe?


Don’t think so but clarify windose on mini pls. Not a dbpa power user either but don’t see how it could be since I ripped two others along with this one.


Ah so do you use a PC with DBPA to rip and are using a Mac Mini to play the files?

My first question would be " what format is the storage drive"? NTSC or Mac journaled?

They don’t communicate very well although just reading should be ok.

I would download XLD and install it on your Mac, rip the same disk to your Mac HD and see if it works better. You could also try to copy from the PC drive [ assuming that is where the files are, the file to the Mac HD and see if it works better.

NB: Some people run the Windows operating system on their Mac mini.

This makes for easier task and application sharing.


Yes I set up the CA dbpa ripping procedure on my PC and rip to my Mini plus a backup on another drive. I have now tried ripping on the mini using iTunes and it says I don’t have permission, and I do not seem to be able to change it to allow. It plays however. Now I’m wondering if it is copy protected but I thought that was not being used anymore.


It has indeed been years since copy protection has been used with any real frequency.

I recall that holding down the shift key while inserting the CD and holding the key for 10 seconds or so prevents the autoplay/auto-loading of the CD function, bypassing the protection scheme. (On the simpler schemes the first, inner track was a fake CDA track which confused a computer. Other schemes autoload a little memory resident program which prevents access.)

It has been a long time since I even though about copy-protected CDs.


Can you save other files to that drive? Click once on the drive icon and press command-i (or “get info” on the menu) and make sure you have read and write privliges. Sometimes Mac drives can get messed up in this regard.


Answer is yes to both, this is the only working drive I use for music files.