Roon Core->I2S->DSD vs Streamer->I2S->DSD

Emphatically yes, it needs several hundred hours playing driving phones. I don’t use it much until winter as it’s just too warm and I enjoy my speakers but yes it’s quite nice

That’s really good to hear! Thanks.

The headphone amp sounds pretty tight and flat until it’s got quite a few hours on it. The good news is of course that running it in doesn’t involve playing music through your speakers so you can do it an any time you’re not actively using your system.

Yes, tight and flat is exactly how I would describe it. I’ve been letting it run over night so I’ll get back to it in a few days. I was a little concerned as the headphone amp from my previous DAC (Benchmark) sounded much better right out the gate (and only improved).

Rhenen is a beautiful little city at the North banks of the Dutch (The Netherlands) part of the river Rhine.

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Besides Pink Faun it also hosts the nice Ouwehands Zoo. Where we spent our money with our children looking at other exotic animals (than pink fauns).

It has been the scene of brave Dutch Soldiers defending our country against Nazi occupation on the Grebbeberg in May 1940. Just 2 cities downstream the Rhine where Approx 4.5 years later the polish troops of General Sosabowski rescued the remaining British troops of operation Market Garden into safer territory across the river Rhine southwards. Out of the hands of those same occupiers. That was September 25th 1944, tomorrow exactly 75 years ago.

The municipalities on the north banks of the river Rhine were finally liberated by troops under Canadian command in 1945, when the Nazi occupiers signed their surrender / defeat in Wageningen, city between Rhenen and Oosterbeek, Arnhem. Exactly 5 years after the battle at the Grebbeberg in Rhenen. Present was Prins Bernhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld, German born and married to the Dutch Crown-princess Juliana, representing the Dutch military, community, the allies and Dutch resistance.

These last days were spectacular in this area, at the airborne 75 year anniversary of market Garden. We were proud to have still heroes of those days here. One 97 year old veteran even parachuted in tandem with a younger paratrooper over the first landing zone, Ginkelse Heide. We went to see the show, 5 minutes by bicycle on a sunny late summer day.

In honor to all those who fought for our freedom.

So if you have the budget for a truly audiophile Pink Faun server, come and pick it up in person and treat your eyes a little too.


Thanks for the tourism info! :smile:

I’m in the US so a trip, and likely a Pink Faun, is out of my reach.

Well apparently I don’t have to travel that far, and we have children to raise. So I consider myself a happy man owning an iMac with iTunes, BitPerfect and the 5m Atlas Element USB SC cable connected straight into the Stellar Gain Cell DAC USB port. This configuration plays all music formats I have: Apple lossy (highest bit rate bought on iTunes), Apple lossless (ripped CD’s) and DSD 128 (from Blue Coast Music). Without any slightest sign of noise or causing fatigue, the sound stage is spectacular and I hear details I did not hear before. The only thing bothering me a little is that the iMac fan comes on if I play DSD 128 and have a couple of other Apps open, but only then. It does not happen when I do dedicated listening with no other apps open, neither when listening to Apple lossless or lossy.
The same music library can be streamed via 1 Gb Ethernet to my Apple TV which is connected via HDMI to my AV receiver in the living room. For both systems I use my iPhone or iPad as remote utilizing the free Apple apps and it works great:
So I figure, money better spent elsewhere no need to fix what ain’t broken.