Roon DSD Filter & Gain Recommended Settings

Good afternoon,

Wow, what an exciting afternoon. Got the DS DAC Thursday, had a few hours to wonder if I made a mistake, it sounded sort of like what I had already. A few hours went by and it started opening, now I am very happy with the imaging and SQ, what a huge difference a bit of time made.

Today I got the Bridge II and started a Roon trial. Double wow, just awesome and so easy to set up! I sort of think this Roon thing is a keeper!

Thanks PS Audio for making such great equipment and having such awesome employees to help as well as a community that contributes so much knowledge.

Anyhow, quick question on Roon settings for DSD. There are 2 settings in particular: DSD to PCM Low Pass Filter & DSD to PCM Gain Boost (see pic below, near the bottom). My understanding is that the DAC itself has the Low Pass Filter, so is there a reason to do this in Roon too? The gain I am just not sure about why we would do it here unless DSD is just naturally below PCM.

Thanks in advance!


I just left those as is. Since I do not have Roon set to convert DSD to PCM I don’t think they do anything.

Hi Stevem,

Thanks for responding, out of curiousity you don’t do DoP for dsd files? Is that because you use a USB connection or you have a different method?

I use Roon with my Bridge II. DSD files are sent as DoP but that is not what Roon means when it refers to DSD to PCM. They mean actually converting DSD files to PCM (e.g., for DACs that don’t handle DSD files) whereas DoP uses a wrapper that looks and transmits like PCM but is just a container for the DSD bits.

Edit: I have turned off all DSP processing in Roon (at least I think I have–my DS does pass Ted’s bit perfect tests; the Roon setting can be more than a little confusing).

My setting below. I also use fixed volume.



Thanks Frode & Stevem2

I appreciate the help. Frode, I did download the Jazz you recommended, very cool.