Roon Setup

Just purchased a Directstream DAC and I want to use Roon. I have my music on a NAS and a Dell laptop that I can use for the software, but I look on Roon’s website and I am really confused about how to set the system up. I have searched this forum and didn’t find any set up advice. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place. Any suggestions?


Hi @andyrockerpdx

The Roon community forum is pretty useful, as is the Roon Knowledge Base.

You will place your music in storage (via settings) and enable the player through audio (via settings).

Below are some screenshots of Roon settings.

image image

Does your new DirectStream have a Bridge built in? You’ll need that.

Yes. My issues seem to be in understanding the core device and exactly what piece of software is downloaded to it. I don’t find the Room website very intuitive.


Have you looked at the Roon architecture page? It helps clear it up.

I have got Roon up and running. One other issue… no album art displays on the LCD of the Directstream. Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?


Do you have a blank formatted SD card in the rear slot? Once I did that album art is now displayed

I do not

I will give that a try. Thanks

If it’s a Directstream Sr with Bridge, the artwork won’t show for the latest SW release. It will work for a few songs then it fails.

That did the trick. Thanks!

IMO one of Roon’s biggest strengths is also one of its biggest weakness - it’s very, very flexible in how you set it up. That’s great if your needs are complex, but makes it much harder for new Roon users to wrap their heads around how it all works. IMO this page on their website is a great way to start, if you are still not solid with the concepts. However, even though that page has a bunch of pictures - which help - the pictures do not tell the whole story. Digesting the words on that page is essential IMO.

And as previously suggested, their forum is a great place to seek Roon specific help.

Good luck.

Hi Paul! I am running Roon with a Nucleus as a Core and the DS with Bridge II - all updated to current software as of today 11/15/18. My question: Previously MQA streamed from Tidal wouldn’t play correctly with MQA set to “Decoder and Renderer.” I switched to “Decoder” only and it worked. With the new Bridge update today I thought I’d try “Decoder and renderer” again and it works! My question: What is the best setting for the best possible sound? Or does it matter? Thanks - this DAC has been a revelation - I love it.