S300 or m700

I’m debating buying the s300, but also thinking of the m700s. I’ll replace a Marantz 2 channel power amp (140 W 8 ohms, no 4 ohm rating) running off my AVR, powering Paradigm Presitige 85fs (93db efficient, “compatible w/8ohms” but on line I see they dip to 4 ohms thru the midrange/bass). I listen to music in 2 channel only. They are bright and seem to die in midrange/bass when I turn up the music which I don’t play loud. My room is fairly small.

Thoughts on which way to go?

I just came across your post and thought I would mention that replacing the Marantz is a no-brainer, at least sonically.
If you are interested in obtaining a PS Audio S 300 amp I have one in ‘silver’ for sale in the ‘Market Place’ section of the forum.

As you will see, I am asking only $975 for a unit that is in fantastic shape both sonically and visually.
Give it some thought…and let me know!

Either option will be a great upgrade. If you have the budget, my 2c says go with the monoblocks as they will keep you happier for longer (before that itch kicks in to go up to the BHK!).

I too have the 85Fs, but in my case being driven by a Bryston 3B SST (w/SST2 mainboard) which I’m looking at replacing with a pair of M700s.

Not sure if anyone here has made a similar move from Bryston but if so, I’d love to get your feedback! Being in Canada the 30 day trial period isn’t an option sadly so not easy to just try them out and return if necessary.


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If limited by a choice between a S300 and M700, I would choose the M700 and trade in the Marantz to make the price difference even smaller.

I’ve got the M700 in a small room of my Not So Big House. They’re effortlessly powering a set of of 6-ohm Wharfedale Jade 3. Like the Jade 3, your Paradigms allow for bi-wire. I’m no fan of bi-wired speaker cable, and as such run one speaker cable from each M700 terminal to each respective terminal on the Jade 3. I use a homegrown ribbon cable with “stellar” results. Here’s a pic. PM me if you need more info. In short though, the M700 sound wonderful, and spec wise are more powerful than the S300.

personal prefer M700